Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Manha do Carnaval

On the way to the aforementioned acrobatics on April 23, I stumbled across the blind singer Kiyoshi Hasegawa (長谷川きよし) on a back street in Noge. I'd never heard him before, but apparently he is quite famous with a career of over 30 years, and a friend I ran into the day before was raving about him. His singing and guitar-playing were indeed top-notch, but dig the female percussionist! I've never seen anybody else play the "drums" quite like that (apparently she, Saoli Sendo (仙道さおり)is quite famous too). Utterly captivated, I had to stop and film them for a while, until I ran out of memory. Unfortunately, the built-in microphone in my camera wasn't able to capture the sound of her heel-kick bass drum. An hour of that must hurt!

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